How To Think


Critical Thinking: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Better Thinker

If there was one skill you could improve that would make everything else in your life better, what do you think it would be? How you think! Investing in your thinking skills is the most underutilized habit today. Do not neglect this powerful skill.

Why Your Belief System Must Be Challenged To Evolve

Don't be sheep. Challenge your dogma through consistent self-inquiry. That is the only chance we have.

The Myth of Systemic Oppression: Bad Ideas Are Holding You Back But Only If You Let Them

How manufactured narratives around race are going to hold people back.

Life is Surfing: How Will You Surf The Waves You're Given?

Waves come at you in life. You can't control them, so you surf them to the best of your ability.

How To Think Like Charlie Munger

Warren Buffet's partner Charlie Munger is a smart guy. Here are some strategies to think like this billionaire.

How To Think Logically: A Simple Mental Model For Getting Better Results

A simple model for thinking logically. This strategy will clear up your thinking in no time.

What Are The 5 Critical Thinking Skills?

Five critical thinking skills you can use in everyday life to make better decisions.

How To Think Clearly: A Guide For Better Decision Making and Banishing Dangerous Thoughts

A simple guide to thinking clearly by removing your dangerous thoughts.

The Importance of Critical Thinking For The Curious and Evolving Mind

How to utilize critical thinking to get better results in life and avoid big mistakes.

How To Think Like Charlie Munger: The Inversion Strategy

The inversion strategy for thinking about tough problems is seldom used. This is a better way of thinking most of the time.

How To Think Logically: The Principles of Making Better Decisions

Logical thinking does not come naturally to everyone. Those that have cultivated this skill have a huge legup on everyone else.

How To Think Like Charlie Munger: Live By The Iron Prescription

Charlie has a saying he calls the "iron prescription" that you can use to build success in your life.

How to think like Charlie Munger: Take A Simple Idea Seriously

Most people overlook the power of a simple idea exeecuted consistently.

How To Think Like Billionaire Charlie Munger: Read All The Time

Charlie is famous for his reading. Warren Buffet, too. If you want success, you should be reading all the time.

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