Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox

Taking a 7-day media detox and how I felt. (GOOD)

If you fall in love with learning, you'll be set for life

If I could give one piece advice to a person it would be this: fall in love with learning. LetÔÇÖs see what some have said about learning

How To Use Tiny Habits To Accomplish Anything

The idea of the grand life change is an illusion. Things change one small step at a time. This is why tiny habits are so powreful.

Why ItÔÇÖs So Hard To Build Habits: The Law of Entropy and Regression To The Mean

How the law of entropy and regression to the mean keeps you from building new habits.

Life is too short to live for others

If you let others dictate the life you live, they will, and you won't like it.

Make Today Worth Remembering

Every day you have the opportunity to do something you will remember. This is what life satisfaction is: remembering your life fondly.

How Comfort Keeps You Weak and Stuck

Comfort is killer... literally. Here's how it keeps you stuck right where you are.

The Secret To Goals Is Inside Your Sock Drawer

The secret to creating new habits and breaking old ones is found inside your sock drawer. Here's what I mean.

Why you should keep your phone in airplane mode each morning

Airplane mode is for pros, I often say. If you want to explore your focus and productivity, you must remove notifications from your life. Period.

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