You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

Censorship by BIG TECH has been rampant in 2020.

"Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome." - Charlie Munger

The reason 2020 happened the way it did, is happening, I should say, is because of the backward incentives. Mayors are power-hungry, drunk on their newfound power to enacted absurd "laws" through executive orders. Hospitals are being paid, the left is trying to dethrone the right. On and on it goes.

Do Not Be Silenced Into Compliance: Stand Up, Speak Up, Fight Back

2020 has become a sham. If the average person doesn't fight back, no one will.

The Expert Fallacy: Why Experts Are More Likely To Be Wrong About New Information

If you blindly trust experts, you're in for a rude awakening. We discuss the dangers of experts and why they are likely to be wrong in light of new information.

Why The Current Version of The Internet Needs To Die

The Internet is the greatest threat to humanity due to the polarizing and the fake news and the agenda manipulation.

Socialism doesn't work and it never will

Socialism is a failed system that only those that don't know history fall into

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