Critical Thinking: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Better Thinker

If there was one skill you could improve that would make everything else in your life better, what do you think it would be? How you think! Investing in your thinking skills is the most underutilized habit today. Do not neglect this powerful skill.

The Story of Handwashing: Human Bias and How Your Mind Makes You a Slave

The history of handwashing and the sad story of the man that proved hand washing saves lives and how they ignored him

The Dangerous Future Humanity Is Moving Towards [What The Individual Can Do]

We have a dangerous path ahead. Whether or not we come out unscathed is the question.

How To Get Hired By Any Business

If you want to be unfireable? Do this. Want to get hired by any company? Do this.

If you fall in love with learning, you'll be set for life

If I could give one piece advice to a person it would be this: fall in love with learning. LetÔÇÖs see what some have said about learning

The Importance of Selling Yourself

Most people don't like the idea of selling, yet they do it daily without even considering it.

Life is Surfing: How Will You Surf The Waves You're Given?

Waves come at you in life. You can't control them, so you surf them to the best of your ability.

How To Think Like Charlie Munger

Warren Buffet's partner Charlie Munger is a smart guy. Here are some strategies to think like this billionaire.

The Safe Way is Never The Best Way

How your desire for safety is keeping you stuck in comfort.

You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

Censorship by BIG TECH has been rampant in 2020.

Instead of talking about it, do it

Less talking, more doing. This is the recipe for getting things done.

It's Easy To Want and Difficult To Do

Are you stuck in wanting and not doing as a result?

Avoid The Busy Trap: How To Stop Feeling Busy and Why You Should

Many people think being busy equals productivity. I'm here to dispel that myth and show you how that mindset is harmful for getting results.

How To Think Logically: A Simple Mental Model For Getting Better Results

A simple model for thinking logically. This strategy will clear up your thinking in no time.

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