Blame Yourself if You're Going To Blame Anyone

Blame is a sickness that has infected our culture. Our modern world is based on pointing the finger and blaming others. Yet who is the constant in every situation? You.

When You Aren't Challenged, You Become Weak - The Dangers of Comfort

The dangers of comfort and how your fragile ideas will stay fragile when not tested.

Why Your Belief System Must Be Challenged To Evolve

Don't be sheep. Challenge your dogma through consistent self-inquiry. That is the only chance we have.

The Story of Handwashing: Human Bias and How Your Mind Makes You a Slave

The history of handwashing and the sad story of the man that proved hand washing saves lives and how they ignored him

The Dangerous Future Humanity Is Moving Towards [What The Individual Can Do]

We have a dangerous path ahead. Whether or not we come out unscathed is the question.

The Myth of Systemic Oppression: Bad Ideas Are Holding You Back But Only If You Let Them

How manufactured narratives around race are going to hold people back.

Life is Tragic and Funny

If life wasn't funny, it would be tragic. So what can you do about it? Change your perspective.

Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox

Taking a 7-day media detox and how I felt. (GOOD)

Small Minds Judge

Judgement is only hurting yourself.

The Importance of Selling Yourself

Most people don't like the idea of selling, yet they do it daily without even considering it.

If you can live without, you have the ultimate power

The more you can live without, the stronger your abundance is since everything is a bonus.

You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

Censorship by BIG TECH has been rampant in 2020.

Listen more and talk less

A recipe for success in life with people comes down to listening and not talking

Money See, Monkey Do: Why Humans Follow Other Humans

Most people follow others. They become carbon copies. Do better. Be better. Be yourself.

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