The Dangerous Future Humanity Is Moving Towards [What The Individual Can Do]

We have a dangerous path ahead. Whether or not we come out unscathed is the question.

Why the Word Success is Broken and How to Build An Extraordinary Life

The idea of success in our modern culture is broken. Here's a new way to think about building a successful life.

Why It’s So Hard To Build Habits: The Law of Entropy and Regression To The Mean

How the law of entropy and regression to the mean keeps you from building new habits.


After 2020, every American needs a Plan B. Our society is in a bad spot.

My 10 Basic Rules for Living a Balanced and Productive Life

Life is complex and it takes a lot to build a life of abundance. Focus on the first principles and it becomes much easier. Here are my principles for my best life.

Warren Buffet’s “Top 5” Goal System For Reaching Your Highest Goals

Warren Buffet's Top 5 Goal system you can use to achieve your wildest dreams.

How To Prepare For America's Uncertain Future: What To Do Now To Start Preparing

Why should you start preparing your family in 2020? Let's get into it.

Core Values: The Secret To Building A Successful Life of Principles

Why every person needs core values and how to find your own.

No society wants you to become wise

The reality is, the public doesn't want you to become wise, nor does the government or the corporations or your neighbors.

A Message To Americans in 2020

If you believe in America, you must resist the socialist ideas of the left. THese ideas will destroy our way of life. They do not work, they never will.

Finite vs Infinite Game - Which are you playing? (Life mastery)

What games are you playing? Are they short term or long term games?

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