The Story of Handwashing: Human Bias and How Your Mind Makes You a Slave

The history of handwashing and the sad story of the man that proved hand washing saves lives and how they ignored him

Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox

Taking a 7-day media detox and how I felt. (GOOD)

Resistance Is A Constant Force Holding You Back

Learn how Resistance with a capital R is holding you back.

Focus is The Key To Success & Ignoring is The Key To Focus

Focus is easier said than done. Here's a novel way of thinking about it.

How Batching and Time Blocking Is The Key To Productivity

The secret to productivity is batching and time blocking. Here's how to use these strategies to get more done in less time.

Don't Set Goals Without Process Or You Will Fail For Sure

Goals without a process are just hopes. Hopes without process is hot air.

Why the Word Success is Broken and How to Build An Extraordinary Life

The idea of success in our modern culture is broken. Here's a new way to think about building a successful life.

Why You Should Obsess Over The Details

Obsessing over the details is the mark of excellence.

How To Be Productive Like Stephen King - The 1000 Words A Day Rule

Stephen King's product rule will change your work life.

You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

Censorship by BIG TECH has been rampant in 2020.

Avoid The Busy Trap: How To Stop Feeling Busy and Why You Should

Many people think being busy equals productivity. I'm here to dispel that myth and show you how that mindset is harmful for getting results.

How To Use Tiny Habits To Accomplish Anything

The idea of the grand life change is an illusion. Things change one small step at a time. This is why tiny habits are so powreful.

Why ItÔÇÖs So Hard To Build Habits: The Law of Entropy and Regression To The Mean

How the law of entropy and regression to the mean keeps you from building new habits.

Find Your Art and FInd Your Work

If you can find your art, you have found your work. This will turn "work" into something you love doing.

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