Why Governments Fail: The Dangers of Human Power

The problem with governments are many, but the primary one is human nature. Why does history repeat itself? Because humans are humans.

The Story of Handwashing: Human Bias and How Your Mind Makes You a Slave

The history of handwashing and the sad story of the man that proved hand washing saves lives and how they ignored him

The Dangerous Future Humanity Is Moving Towards [What The Individual Can Do]

We have a dangerous path ahead. Whether or not we come out unscathed is the question.

Why You Should Take A 7-Day Media Detox

Taking a 7-day media detox and how I felt. (GOOD)

How To Be A Leader: Stop People Pleasing and Be Who You Are

Leaders are not people pleasers. They give hard truths, they give candor, and people respect them for it even when it hurts.

You Are Being Lied To: Censorship Is More Alive Than Ever

Censorship by BIG TECH has been rampant in 2020.

Extreme Ownership: The Only Way Things Get Done

Taking extreme ownership for your life is liberating and much needed in our PC fragile culture.

Why It’s So Hard To Build Habits: The Law of Entropy and Regression To The Mean

How the law of entropy and regression to the mean keeps you from building new habits.


After 2020, every American needs a Plan B. Our society is in a bad spot.

My 10 Basic Rules for Living a Balanced and Productive Life

Life is complex and it takes a lot to build a life of abundance. Focus on the first principles and it becomes much easier. Here are my principles for my best life.

Warren Buffet’s “Top 5” Goal System For Reaching Your Highest Goals

Warren Buffet's Top 5 Goal system you can use to achieve your wildest dreams.

How To Prepare For America's Uncertain Future: What To Do Now To Start Preparing

Why should you start preparing your family in 2020? Let's get into it.

The Results of My 7-Day Media Detox

Everyone should go on a media detox. Here's what I did.

Why You Get Triggered - The Evolutionary Reasons Why You Have A Fragile Mind

Why do people get triggered? Evolutionary biology and psychology shows us why: it's build into our species.

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