To Get Out of Debt Think Differently

Most get out of debt advice is lame, ineffective, and sometimes, downright dangerous. No one talks about the mindset going into a get out of debt plan. You have to set yourself up for success.

Why you should keep your phone in airplane mode each morning

Airplane mode is for pros, I often say. If you want to explore your focus and productivity, you must remove notifications from your life. Period.

If You Trust Experts With Your Future You Are Taking a Big Gamble

Today, most people default to the experts. But the experts are fallible humans and their interests are with themselves first. Trusting them to give you truth or facts is a risky proposition.

Happiness is a Skill (that few posses)

If happiness is a skill, how do you build that skill?

Finite vs Infinite Game - Which are you playing? (Life mastery)

What games are you playing? Are they short term or long term games?

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