It's Easy To Want and Difficult To Do

Are you stuck in wanting and not doing as a result?

How Debt Holds You Back And What To Do About It

Learn how your addiction to debt and stuff is keeping you stuck.

5 Books That Changed My Life

Here are five books that can change your life.

Why you should keep your phone in airplane mode each morning

Airplane mode is for pros, I often say. If you want to explore your focus and productivity, you must remove notifications from your life. Period.

America, Land of The Free and In Debt

80% of Americans are in debt. The entire American economy is built on debt.

If You Trust Experts With Your Future You Are Taking a Big Gamble

Today, most people default to the experts. But the experts are fallible humans and their interests are with themselves first. Trusting them to give you truth or facts is a risky proposition.

The Power of Simplifying Your Life and Work

Some people call it minimalism or essentialism. I call it simplicity and peace of mind.

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