About me

I'll do any podcast. Reach out to me here if interested: Colin@WildFoods.co

Below are links to resources you might enjoy as well as my various projects if you want to follow along.

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Short Bio:

I'm an entrepreneur focused on making a difference in our understanding of health and nutrition.

I'm obsessed with ancestral health & mindset, Real Food, and waking people up to the reality of what's going on.

By understanding our evolutionary past, we reverse our failing health through a consciously designed lifestyle that ignores "common knowledge" from so-called "experts."

I'm on a mission to save as many people as possible from the dangerous dogma promoted by bad science, big pharma, and big food.

Past Life

Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. Was a pro poker player back in the day.

Current focus:

Founder/CEO of Wild Foods Co: Wild Foods​ was founded out of my passion for food, nutrition and a personal obsession with optimizing for health. Wild Foods sells Real Food products and supplements focused on supporting a healthy body and mind and living in accordance with nature.

Our Wild Mission is to empower 50 million people with the knowledge they can use to say NO to Big Food, Big Pharma, Bad Science and Dangerous Health and Nutrition Dogma!


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Favorite Suppliers

Alderspring Ranch: My favorite grass-fed/grass-finished WILD beef. Stuff is as clean as you can get.

Wild Foods Co - Get your Real Food Wild ingredients - Use code WILDCEO for 12% off your entire order

What I Put In my coffee: Wild Cocoa Butter, Wild MCT Oil, Wild Coffee, Wild CocoTropic

What I take daily for optimal health: Wild Fish Oil, Wild Shrooms, Wild Pink salt, Wild Collagen

Support the mission

Support my work on Patreon: Colin Stuckert

Help me spread the message of Ancestral health so we can save as many people as possible. We are in desperate need of a health revolution!

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