Why Netflix Created The Social Dilemma (it's not what you think)

Why Netflix Created The Social Dilemma (it's not what you think)

Is Netflix trying to bring awareness to humanity or are they making calculated business decisions?

Let's find out in today's episode of the Ancestral Mind Podcast.

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[00:00:00] These companies believe thatit's upon them to curate the information because of misinformation and fakenews and conspiracy theories as if it's their job to decide what is or isn'treality or what is, or isn't true.

[00:00:26] Why did Netflix show thedocumentary, the social dilemma? Why did they create that? Doesn't seem likeit's kind of counterintuitive to themselves being part of the big tech. Well,something I realized, I remember hearing months ago that Netflix considersFortnite being its biggest competitor. Why because Fortnite is taking theattention the time of a lot of young minds that would otherwise maybe bewatching Netflix.

[00:00:53] Netflix is goal is to get youinto their platform. Get you watching shows, get you addicted so that you nevercancel your membership. And as it goes [00:01:00] with all big tech companiesrun by complete and utter detached from reality, rich morons, they createmovies like cuties, and now they release something like the social dilemma withnefarious motivations.

[00:01:12] So here's a post that promptedthis and had me think about this. I was confused. Why a globalist company likeNetflix would show the social dilemma because it outs the psychological warfarebeing used against us by companies like them. But after seeing people deletetheir social media counts, I realized that's what they want us to do.

[00:01:27] And then she talks about howthey, they can't share misinformation, but I don't want you to think it's areal, that's the real motivation, the real motivation for Netflix of why theycreate something like the social dilemma is because they see Facebook,Instagram, and YouTube. As their greatest competitors, why?

[00:01:45] Because most people are spendingtheir time on these apps on this thing, rather than on Netflix or laying downin bed, watching Netflix or on their couch. Netflix wants you to watch Netflixand doesn't want you to be on other social media. And so it considers[00:02:00] itself, maybe not the same as the other big tech companies that aresharing information.

[00:02:03] Netflix is purely a publisher.They publish content and they curate content. So everything that's on theirplatform is their responsibility. There's no user generated content. Okay. It'salways Netflix approved. So for them, this makes total sense. Let's call itFacebook, Instagram, and even kind of throw Google and YouTube in there.

[00:02:19] Talk about how they're censoringand how they're manipulating people and all these things, which they are, theyabsolutely are. They're not wrong in that way. It's just nefarious what theirgoals are. This is just a marketing smear campaign. They want you to go ontheir platform to watch their content because that's what they have found.

[00:02:33] Keeps people paying. For yearson it. So they might throw a couple hundred thousand, a couple million dollarsto something like this and just write off as marketing. In fact, that'd be acurious way to figure it out, find out on their balance sheet. We audit theirbooks or, I mean, they're publicly traded companies.

[00:02:48] I don't know how much they haveto show, but maybe we could see where on that PNL that the cost for the socialdilemma falls, if the cost for that documentary fell under marketing or was putunder the marketing line, that means that they went into [00:03:00] this,knowing that they were going to use it as a marketing ploy PR play.

[00:03:04] So as part of promoting healthand awareness and helping people wake up, you need to understand all thesethings that are happening. All these games that are being played by thesebillion dollar behemoths and these detached from reality idiots that runeverything from government to Silicon Valley, to the stock market and all thetop S and P 500 they're run by a bunch of morons living in their white castles,gated communities, funding, political agendas, and ideals.

[00:03:28] And pandering generally to themasses and the lowest common denominator of human emotion. And that's why yousee so much in the BLM and race, crap going on because they want people to beafraid of each other. They want them to fight each other. They want them toshine the spotlight on inequality and the color of somebody's skin, rather thanthe elite that have all the power.

[00:03:50] That's the real inequality inour culture is the fact that people can control the masses with a few clicks ofthe button, a few ads, few articles, all Martin [00:04:00] media, all big tech.There are forms of mass propaganda and control, and it's one in 20. Thecensorship is getting out of control is getting crazy.

[00:04:08] And you're gonna see more andmore of the CYOP marketing smear campaigns. As these big tech companies go ateach other, even more, they want all of the power. They want all of the controlbecause that's better for their share price. It doesn't necessarily mean thatthere's some big conspiracy. It's just the nature of things like the stockmarket and basically caring about your stock price instead of whether you'reserving humanity or not caring about profit was nothing wrong with profit.

[00:04:33] But when you care about profitat the expense of what you're doing in the world and the negative effects ofyour products, which is exactly what the social dilemma points out. That's whenyou run into problems and then what's even more so is when these companiesbelieve that it's upon them to curate the information because of misinformationand fake news and conspiracy theories as if it's their job to decide what is orisn't reality or what is, or isn't truth throughout history.

[00:04:57] Who else has done that? Who elsehas attempted to [00:05:00] control what the masses think? Nazi Germany, Mao'sChina, Soviet union, Venezuela, Cuba. Any place anywhere in the history ofmankind, where the power has been kept in the hands of a few or even a oneperson, there was control of the masses through propaganda, through burningbooks, through tearing down statues, through stoking racial divide and asalways it's about finger pointing and blaming or whatever, quick little PSA, ashort bit of globalist propaganda pointing out for you.

[00:05:35] Yeah, I think you should deleteFacebook. Uh, Instagram is still, I like it. I enjoy it. I get value from it.So I'm going to still stay there, but if they'd keep sensory and doing stupidstuff, I will eventually Instagram as well. YouTube will be the last place forme to go, because it is still the best place to share content like this andshare video.

[00:05:48] And it is still relatively anopen platform, you know, who knows how long it's going to last though. So toget more videos like this, as well as health and mindset and other ideas aboutwaking up and challenging, the narrative [00:06:00] hit the subscribe button.Like this video, please. It does help me. And I'll see you in the next one.

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[00:07:30] I want to let you know about mynewest podcasts over at escaping fragility, the show about building a life foryourself, being safe, being secure, having a plan B so that if this crazy worldof 2020 continues or gets worse, which I love the numbers of suggesting itwill, then you and your family will be protected.

[00:07:48] A lot of my content for mypersonal brand has been focused on giving people the knowledge, the expertise,the skills, and just the awareness. Of some of the craziness that's going on sothat they can protect themselves so that they can fight back so that they canbe [00:08:00] simply disobedient so that we can stymie the ever encroachingspread of government and of corporate and political agenda.

[00:08:08] If more citizens do not standup, fight back, speak up, there's going to be nothing left to protect. And Idon't like fear-mongering and I'm generally optimistic person, but 2020 hasstressed me out at first. It didn't. But then it did, when I really saw whatwas going on. When I read a little bit between the lines.

[00:08:23] And even now the craziness iscontinuing and I don't see it letting up any time soon, the masses are tooeasily manipulated. And so I'm more concerned we're going to have in 2021, whenthe next flu season comes through and another Corona virus is weaponized. Andthen who knows what's going to happen?

[00:08:37] Travel restrictions, mandatoryvaccines, chipped, and proud of like cattle. People think it can't happen. Theystick their head down, but they did in Mao's China, they did installmentsRussia. They did, and Nazi Germany, and then it was too late. And who pays theprice? It's always, always, always the citizens.

[00:08:54] That are having faith and thatare just hoping things get better. They're the ones that always pay the price.[00:09:00] So the first thing we can do is protect yourselves and our familyhave a plan B, have an escape option, and then we can help others head over tocall them a coach, get on the M five newsletter.

[00:09:07] You'll get all the shows everyweek and you can also find me on YouTube and iTunes or Spotify or Google play.Get prepared before it's too late.


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