Why I'm Eating a Carnivore Diet and Is it Safe?

Hunter gatherers love meat. It was their most prized food.

The idea that our ancestors would have spend hours each day chewing on leaves and twigs and berries is just absurd on so many levels.  

Yet this has become what most believe is the "healthy" way to eat.   That is false.  

The true health food for humans are healthy animals. Animals that are in their natural environment eating their natural diet.

Examples include cows on pasture, fish in the sea, chickens outside, game wandering in the wild, etc.

Eating nose to tail provides every essential nutrient the human body needs to sustain itself.

There is NO necessary plant in nature required for humans to survive, while the same cannot be said of animals—we need animals to live! It's called a food chain for a reason.  

Today I talk about why I'm leaning towards a carnivore diet for a few of my personal goals and how it's kind of a reset for me as well.  

Disclaimer: this is not nutrition advice. Consult your doctor if making changes to your diet. Or don't, but do so as your own choice. After all, you are a free person and you can do whatever you want regardless of what I say or anyone says. Right? OK, so do with that what you will.

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