Privilege Is A Myth and Life Will Never Be Fair

Most people are either lucky or unlucky to have the upbringing they had. And for better or worse, the environment in which they grew up is why they are the person they are today.

This isn’t about “privilege,” which is a bullshit term and means nothing.

So while you may have had it “harder” or “easier” than someone else, what you get out of life is still up to you as much as it is still up to anyone else whether they had “better than me.”

I bring this to your attention now because I want you to never think about it again.

Don’t compare.

Don’t blame.

Don’t be the victim.

If you do, you will stay the victim, the blamer, the comparer... and your life will suck. On top of sucking, it will be a fraction of what it could be, which I think is worse.


Some people grow up with certain tendencies like outgoing ness, introversion, persuasion, lack of social fear, confidence, insecurity, and so on.

If we talk in only capitalistic terms, certain of these qualities will be rewarded or published in our current society.

Since we all have strengthens and weaknesses, we must be aware of them so we can do something about it, such as strengthen our weaknesses and hone our strengths.

The first step to doing this is awareness.

As Socrates said, “Know thyself.”

It’s more important than ever as we live in a world that tries to make you the victim, the comparer, the blamer, the outrager.

But like anything else, filtering what you let into your mind through your senses of sight, touch, smell, and vision is 100% your responsibility.

In fact, isn’t it funny how we will control what we smell or touch with steadfastness yet we let people infect our ears and eyes, and thus mind, with garbage?

So what about your childhood?

Regardless of the stories you tell yourself about it, whether you think it good, bad or average, there i sone thing that is certain.

This: You must understand it, unpack anything left unpacked, then get to work improving.

No matter how you grew up or who you are today, you can become something else if you take responsibility, then action.

But you have to want it enough.

If you don’t have enough desire to be better, you will never take ownership. You will never drop the blame.

You’ll be the victim, and that’s how you’ll stay.

Taking ownership of your life is the most important first step towards building a better life.

It’s not easy, and it will be easier or harder for you than it is for me, and vice versa.

So what? Why compare?

What does comparing get you other than more victim mindset?

So stop lying to yourself that the world is some equal place or that it will ever be.

Taking ownership for your life is just like taking ownership of reality. And the reality is, people can suck, the world can be unfair, and yelling on social media does nothing even if it feels good at the moment.

Life is a cruel killer of the weak… and human culture is no different.

(If you look at our species, we are actually the most ruthless; being the only species in nature that routinely slaughters members of our own.)

So this is call to action to do the following:

1. Don’t be the victim / take ownership of your life.

2. Unpack your childhood to find opportunities for growth.

I’m rooting for you.

The question is: are you rooting for yourself?

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