Intermittent Fasting Mistakes (You're Probably Doing it Wrong)

It's understandable: you probably went from eating 3 meals and snacks throughout the day to only eating within an 8-hour feeding window.

Big life change for sure.

The problem is, you probably bought that same frequent eating habit with you.BIG MISTAKE.

The reason intermittent fasting is "good" for humans is because it mimics what our ancestors had to do in the wild for thousands of years to survive.

They ate a large meal infrequently, sometimes not for days on end.

This is a natural byproduct of living in the uncertain wild environment.

This is why our bodies adapted to this envionrment. It's why eating too frequently wrecks hormonal havoc on our biology.Today's video explains the biggest mistake people make utilizing an IF routine, in this case, a 16/8 routine, which is the most common IF routine to start with.

This is what I currently use myself, although it's probably closer to an 18/4.Either way, do not make this mistake!

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