How Violence Kept Our Ancestors In Check

Today we're talking about the ancestral roots of violence, and how they might help us interpret contemporary violence in all its forms.



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these screens and these devices that we canhide behind. Not only have they stifled [00:01:00] constructive debate anddiscussion, but it's made people misconstrue in their mind. Reality.

Martial arts training. None takeeverything. You've learned, throw it away. Okay. Take away all your physicaltraining. Okay. You walk into a room full of people. How do you feelpsychologically? A little insecure and secure and secure. Yeah. This might seemlike it interesting topic, but I just thought it was important to highlightsomething in this video that's applicable to 2020.

We can create any identity we want throughthe protection of our screen. It lets the worst parts of human nature runrampant. That's why you have cancelled culture. That's why you have peoplethat. Do and say racist things. And then why you have people [00:02:00] thataccuse people of being racist, even when they're not, and take things out ofcontext.

It's why you have fake news. It's why youhave sensationalist headline. Fear-mongering propaganda BS fueled by bigpharma, big food perpetuated by big tech and all the things that are going onthat most people should be a little bit aware of at this point, but I'm not sosure because I don't interact with the average American.

So I don't really know what they're awareof. Violence is something that is. Part of nature. It's part of other animalsand the animal kingdom. A lot of other things eat, other things. It's a violentact to get eaten alive. Humans have been killing each other for hundreds ofthousands of years. And we still do to this day, the thing about violence inthe Hunter gatherer context is it was the ultimate arbiter of maintaining thestatus quo.

It kept people in check. It destroyed badideas if they were threat to the group's survival today through the protectionof the internet. And even by hiding [00:03:00] in certain things that areconsidered okay, like joining the SJW mob or the outrage mob, and just hidingwithin the sea of outrage as just another person perpetuating some narrativethat have enough people to protect it and enough corporations and peoplecowering and fear that they might be the target of it.

You have the removal of violence. And youhave the perpetuation of this kind of behavior as a result, not condoningviolence and our modern world. There are times when you need violence, though.If somebody threatens me and my family through, I am attacked. You betterbelieve I'm channeling violence as much is needed, or even an over amount ofviolence.

If I feel that life, Liberty, or limb orfamily is at risk, if you feel frightened, if your life feels threatened. Thereare laws in place. I don't recommend testing those laws because you never knowwhat a jury is going to say. I mean, nowadays juries and judges, it's allpolitical people think political.

They think what the computer tells them tothink. Whatever's [00:04:00] okay. Whatever the mob tells you is, okay. That'sthe way people think. And it's not okay. That's the people condemn. Even ifthere's laws in place that say it's okay. Even if common sense says it's okay.If the mop says not okay, then potentially you could run the risk.

So again, I'm not suggesting any of this,but if you feel threatened, you can defend yourself with deadly force. You haveto feel obviously that your life is threatened. If somebody kicks you in theshin and you shoot him in the head, like. Probably going to have a hard timedefending that in a, in a court.

And you're probably going to have, get intotrouble for that. Right? Like we're smart enough to be able to use our commonsense. And if you own a firearm, for example, or a knife or anything like that,and you have deadly force, you need to be very well trained in how to use it,but also how to think about when to use it, if to use it.

And you should always default to not usingit. Now that being said, let's just talk about physical violence, punching,kicking, not generally something that's gonna be life threatening, but it canhappen. People do get punched and get knocked out and fall and crack their headand die. Like this stuff happens.

It's not really something you want to beinvolved in. You don't want to be in the middle of it. You don't want to getinto a road, rage fight. And then basically say, [00:05:00] well, the guypunched me first and then I defended myself. And then you got to go through thatwhole mess because you could literally end up being found guilty of who knows anumber of things.

Maybe you aren't found guilty for actualmanslaughter or murder or whatever, or homicide or whatever the accidental was.I think it's manslaughter, but maybe you. Are charging for a felony forreckless endangerment, or you, you hopped in your car and you're speeding fast.And it led to this, like, there's a lot of things to which of you accelerateaggression.

You can definitely be charged with crimesback to the point here. So he's talking about being insecure in a group. If youdon't have training, now let's go to this next one he's talking about, and thisis just the highlight, how violence one exists. It's a very real thing. And Ithink the internet and our perceived safety from laws and law enforcement.

Leads people into false sense of securitytoo. I think they can say anything because nobody's gonna attack you, right?Because there's laws and there's police and whatever, when it's you and someoneelse, and you're in some area where there's probably not police around or[00:06:00] whatever. Things didn't happen instantly to which no cop, nopedestrian, no person is going to protect you.

And it might be too late to protect you.Anyways, I believe it's like some absurd number, like 90% of nine 11 calls, youknow, asking for police or protection. Show up too late. I mean, they literallyshow up after something happens. And if you think about how these type ofthings happen, they usually happen very quickly sometimes without a moment'snotice, they're not lasting for hours on end or 30 minutes waiting for the copsto show up or whatever.

Well, I think that would stop a lot ofbullying. And I've said this before, but I think it's counterintuitive topeople. They think that bullying is a mean person. And if you've taught themhow to fight, they become meaner. But that's, I don't think that's the case. Ithink bullies are insecure. I think if you took away that and they got to.

Really established through training that theyhave character and that there were something and they don't have to be insecureand they build up this confidence. You wouldn't see them going out and I've hadso many parents tell me, I don't recognize my son when he's with you. He's sodisciplined. He's so kind.

He, so I've spoken. He's like at home, he'san animal. He's a, he's a, like he acts up. He is, I'm like really well here.If he did that, this [00:07:00] point about bullying is it's a little bit toosimplistic. I don't believe that bullying is just about insecurity. I actuallybelieve that we have an innate desire to make everyone equal.

This is a result of our fiercely galitaryand Hunter gatherer pass. Alright. So if you went above or try to be a big manor have an ego. You would be shamed, criticized, condemned, maybe even clubbedor beaten or exiled potentially because higher level status would be somebodythat would hoard resources that would put the group's survival at threat.

Therefore people would do things to bringyou down and usually shame and ridicule and comedy and making fun of people.Those are very powerful motivators for this very reason. Now what about on thebottom side? Like for people that are not pulling their weight or they havethose certain tendencies that maybe they're different or in fact different, abig one, if you actually think about being different, the fact that humans arenaturally tribalistic and that we want that fiercely galitary, which means justliterally equals, equals possible.

I mean, we don't want anyone above and wedon't want anyone below. So when somebody different [00:08:00] doesn't thinkthe same show, certain traits that stand out from the crowd or from what'sestablished as normal, they are attacked ridiculed condemned, obviously in ourworld today, we have the society and certain things in place and certainprotections where we can actually let our individuality flourish back then,though, in a Hunter gatherer times, you weren't really individual, that waskind of counterintuitive to letting the group survive or allowing the group tosurvive.

That was pretty much counterintuitive togroup survival. So you wanted as a homogenous equal, steady toe, the line groupas possible. Okay. So bullying, I believe is actually result to bring humans tothe same level, obviously bullying channel some of the ugly parts of humannature. You know, that that feeling of having control over someone, these arethings that when left unchecked can run rampant humans, if you think about it,or like any other creature in nature, they're trying to maintain homeostasisand trying to survive in this environment.

Violence shame, ridicule [00:09:00] and orthe threat of violence. And a lot of what he's taught about in this video is athreat of violence, stunning violence itself. It's the threat of violence.We're all mechanisms to keep things like this. And the guy punched the back ofmy seat. I swear to God, I leaned back. He had a laptop on his, a tree.

Yeah. When I lean back, it crushes thelaptop. I don't know if it has a laptop I'm allowed to leave my seat back andthink about. Pushes. Like he, he made, he pounded hard, like pool and I waslike, excuse me, sir. There's a problem. I'm like, don't lean your chair back.I'm like, Whoa. I'm like, this is like, I've never gotten a beating.

It was like a week. Talk to me was so rude.I was like, dude, man, I would never talk about somebody. Never. Why? Becauseyou learn through martial arts, you know, you like respect everyone. Men,respect is huge. One day. You're the hunted that day. You're the Hunter. Andit's just like the way life works, you know, like have respect.

Why should like this guys instigating afight. Now we know with  it could bereally bad for one of us here. Like, why would you want to go there? Just say alaptop. I would have been like, sorry, sorry. My fault. My apologies. I wouldabout the guy. Oh, what about whatever he wants to it's I would, I would takecare of it, like I live in next week, but because we know the realities ofviolence, like some people don't know the realities of violence.

Like I've seen people like on video thatlike they're in a certain situation and act all crazy. This might sparksomething with the vent here. Like, you don't want this, you don't know whatviolence is. You've seen it on TV. You see it in a movie. You think. [00:10:00]This is also what you're saying. The 20, 20 protesting people go into thesethings, thinking they have this rain, because they might have some kind ofnarrative support, media support, corporate support for things like BLM andthings like that.

And then, so they further perpetuate thiscraziness, like throwing things at cops, attacking them, maybe even bring gunsand weapons to these protests. And it just leads to really. Dumb things. Imean, you hear the quote all the time, play stupid games when stupid prizes,but I don't think people quite realize how stupid of a game it is and howstupid and tough the prizes are.

Okay. And this is also what he's talkingabout. The reality of violence. People don't understand the reality ofviolence. Most of you have never experienced it. It's like Mike Tyson saideveryone has a plan until he's punched in the face. So the reality of violencehere and what he's highlighting is a bigger.

Concept applying to all of society rightnow, these screens and these devices that we can hide behind, not only havethey stifled constructive debate and discussion, and they've turned [00:11:00]into just more tribalistic warfare of attacking each side, we've lost a nuanceof understanding and compassion and empathy, and we've become more divided andmore divisive and therefore more aggressive towards either side and to ideasthat don't match with ours.

But it's made people misconstrue in theirmind. Reality and violence, if you do or say the wrong thing to someone elsewhen you're in front of them is a very real thing. That's not going to goanywhere. You can build the safest, most of the totalitarian society the worldhas ever seen. And there are certain things that if you do, you will get punchedin the mouth or kicked in the head, or maybe even potentially shot.

If it was the wrong person, let's see howhe kind of wrapped this up. Sometimes I see people starting a fight. I'm likethis person has no idea what they're talking about. Like, he's never been in afighter instigating, a fight, a fight might occur in. They might regret it.Like they don't know what it is to be hit, to be a tactic, to get a fight.

So like, like jaw-dropping, somebody'sgonna instigate a fight over something so small and they don't even know how tofind, which is what's even crazier. I told the guy that did ya. [00:12:00] Oh,cause you know, I scare the hell out of him. And I was like, what are you gonnaknow? And he was like, he turned white. I'm like, dude, like I could have beenan old lady here.

Yeah. You could hit an old lady. She waspulling her hair back. I told them off, look at my we're in an airplane today.I didn't yell or anything. I pulled him off his, I don't even really know. Ithought when I think of him, they gotta shut his mouth. But it's like, dude,you want to fight over this laptop?

Like seriously, like that's no one canpossibly know that you have a laptop open. I'm telling you that's so it's sotrue. And I don't really know if there's anything actionable here, but I thinkunderstanding of violence, I think understanding our evolutionary pastunderstanding what happens when you remove violence.

That's actually a really important point.When you remove violence from the equation, you get really bad behavior. Huntergatherers were kept in check by other humans. Okay. Humans are socialcreatures. We know this. If you put a human alone and some kind of situationwhere he, or she can just gobble resources and do whatever he or she wants,it's going to lead to bad behavior because there's no checks and balance.

This is what government supposed to be[00:13:00] founded on. The founding fathers were like, yeah, we need to checkand bounce this because we know that power corrupts and we know that absolutepower, absolutely corrupts. So we need to have other people that have otherincentives that work together, or even kind of antagonistically to kind ofbalance out opposing forces.

As we see all governments become is a bigboys and girls club where they just protect their own first. They protect theirpower first, and then they exert their control and their power and their rulesand laws and regulations and whatever onto society. Now, the fact thatAmericans can bear arms is probably the only reason.

That America hasn't been having the crazythings in 2020, as much as you see in places like Australia, who had, I believetheir gun rights taken away about 10 years ago. And you see the police runningaround like literally stormtroopers, doing insane things, arresting old ladiesin the parks or not wearing a mask or some other nonsense, arresting a surfer,not wearing a mask or not respecting social distancing or quarantine laws orwhatever.

It's just unbelievable. It really isunbelievable. This [00:14:00] idea of violence really applies to a lot offacets of human life. Bear, arms. Violence help keep the government in check orat least be a major motivator to prevent government from becoming too powerful.Even though I think eventually there's going to be things that a ninemillimeter just, isn't gonna protect you from like AIS and drones that can droplittle, little turrets on the bottom.

And like, there's just so many things thatthe average person is not going to build, protect themselves against. And it'swhy, you know, the future of any. Established world order or major superpoweris very, very scary for the future of humanity because these things, as you'veseen power always has to get more power.

It always has to protect its own. Just keepthat in mind, respect the threat of violence, understand where it comes from.Understand what the internet does when you remove violence or what anysituation does when you remove violence or you remove other humans to keep youor other people in check [00:15:00] the internet by default is something thatseparates us because it quite literally separates the physicality of being infront of somebody.

I'm learning, talking to a camera. There'snobody in this room. I can say anything I want. I got, I put it on the internetand people can comment and do things like maybe try to report or whatever, butthey can't stop me from saying this and they can't influence my ideas and theycan't challenge my ideas.

Maybe ideas are terrible. They canchallenge them and it leaves a bad behavior, at least a bad ideas. It letssociopathic psychopathic tendencies flourish, and it really just warps thehuman mind. It's why now believe the internet is a grace existential threat.Let me know this video and violence in general and our ancestral pass.

What are some examples in your life maybe?Or. Kind of ideas that this pops up for you, like, think about that. Let meknow, drop it in the comment below, subscribe for more videos and putting outbasically a video date this point, and I'll see you the next one,

please always remember [00:16:00] that themembers of the ancestral mind podcast are not in fact medical professionals.They're not doctors, they're not nutritionists. They are simply providing theentertainment for you to do your own research and to entertain yourselves. Soplease consult a physician before changing your diet.

Not everything works for everybody and makesure you always do your own research on everything you hear on this show andoutside.

Hey, everybody calling here. Thanks forlistening to that show. I want to let you know about my newest podcasts over atescaping fragility. The show about building a life for yourself, being safe,being secure, having a plan B so that if this crazy world of 2020 continues. Orgets worse, which I love the numbers are suggesting.

It will then you and your family will beprotected. A lot of my content has been focused on giving people the knowledge,the expertise or skills, and just the awareness of some of the craziness that'sgoing on [00:17:00] so that they can protect themselves so that they can fightback so that they can be civilly disobedient so that we can stymie everencroaching spread of government and of corporate.

And political agenda. If more citizens donot stand up, fight back, speak up. There's going to be nothing left toprotect. And I don't like fear-mongering and I'm generally optimistic person,but 2020 has stressed me out at first. It didn't, but then it did when I reallysaw it going on. When I read a little bit between the lines.

And even now the craziness is continuingand I don't see it letting up anytime soon, the masses are too easilymanipulated. And so I'm more concerned what's gonna happen 20, 21 when the nextflu season comes through and another coronaviruses weaponized. And then whoknows what's going to happen? Travel restrictions, mandatory vaccines, chipped,and proud of like cattle.

People think it can't happen. They sticktheir head down, but they did. How's China. They did install it's Russia. Itdid. And Nazi Germany, and then it was two. And who pays the price? It'salways, always, always the citizens. That are having faith and that are justhoping [00:18:00] things get better. They're the ones that always pay theprice.

So the first thing we can do is protectourselves and our family have a plan B, have an escape option, and then we canhelp others head over to call them a coach, get on the M five newsletter.You'll get all the shows every week and you can also find me on YouTube andiTunes or, or Google play. Get repaired before slate.


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