Belief Bias: The Dangers of Believing Your Own Beliefs

Today I talk about belief bias and confirmation bias and how both are mental traps that will get you into trouble. I expand on how these have created our divisive political landscape and why people are out rioting in the streets.... all because they are victims of bias.


Your life is your responsibility bias, deludes you to that. It ignores that reality. And the further you get from accepting responsibility for your life, the further you get. The more fragile you become, the more dangerous your life is, the more precarious your future in situations
what's up ladies and gents calling here for another video on belief bias. And this is just one of the many cognitive biases that we've observed in our species. There's at this point, hundreds and probably ones we don't even know about. Now, the reason for this is an ancestrally explainable reason, a evolutionary reason.
Our Hunter gatherer ancestors live in small groups where they lived as fiercely egalitarian, meaning things were as equal as possible. You have big men, you didn't have poverty. Like you literally didn't have up or down. You had this straight line mother nature figured out that that was the best way for small bands of humans.
This species, I just sprouted up. To survive when we forgot a group survival, our species dominated, no other animal had a chance. So what that did through hundreds, thousands of years, and even millions of years before that of tweaking to do things, to keep a group thinking the same and acting the same.
That's why you have bias. That's why humans in the mental framework, the mental operating system, we have, it runs into so many problems in our modern environment because the modern environment with all this. Speed of technology and data and flashing and bites and artificial and everything that you get from it is mismatched to our biology.
Our biology is designed for living in the wild, in a small group of humans. Most of what you would have lived in that same tribe, our entire lives. So the bias specifically today is the belief bias. Confirmation bias is kind of along the same lines. It's basically if a conclusion supports existing beliefs.
You'll rationalize anything that supports this. And this is, this is basically confirmation bias at the same way, which is you look for evidence to support what you believe and you pretty much ignore anything that challenges what you believe. Now, the reason this is so insidious, toxic and dangerous for humans in our modern world is, I mean, look at anything that's going on in the political sphere, tribalism, racism, warring, anything that props up, what you believe is right.
And then you say they're wrong. Us versus them left first, right? Enemy verse enemy. The true summer in the middle of golden mean Aristotle call it the golden mean everything in life has a golden mean. You have the Daoism where you have the yin and the yang. It's a balance of opposing forces. The Goldilocks effect like earth.
For example, if it was too far from the sun or too close, humans want to be here, but we're in that perfect zone where the temperature is just right. And it allowed the species to evolve and walk around and create I-phones and do all these things and basically solder each other in mass. And if you look through history, humans are animals that evolved in this crazy complex universe.
In every day we wake up, we're still figuring it out. And I think that humans can continually move towards good and can move towards a kind of utopia or at least a mostly equitable world. Mostly because I believe that the one trait that mother nature programmed into us, which was that compassionate empathy trait.
Which made it so that certain members of our species would die for other members of our species, especially to protect the young, that trait of love and needing to care so much about this baby, which I just had is built into our species because that baby came out and is completely feeble and helpless.
And if we didn't have such a love and connection, empathy, and compassion for that baby to be able to die for, to protect it. Our species would have died off long ago. And if you go deep into this rabbit hole, you see the connection between the brain size, right. And how babies grow their brain, even larger outside of the womb.
How evolution figured out that? Well, if the, if the brain was too big inside the womb, it would potentially kill the mother. But if we can have other humans in this group, take care of young. When they come out of the womb, that brain can go even bigger. And then there's also the connections between.
Dunbar's number 150 and social connection and the big brain, which a lot of paleontologists and anthropologists and science research. A lot of them believe that the brain grew as big as it did mostly for social reasons, which is then connected to supporting the tribe, which is then connected to raising offspring that come out that are completely helpless, that the tribe then helps get to, you know, three years old, four years old teenager, and then eventually adult it's really.
And when you go into all of it, And I think that compassion, that empathy in that evolutionary niche, that mother nature figured out of protecting the young with things like love and willing to die for someone else. And, and just, you know, all the things that we celebrate about our species. I think that will eventually lead us to a better world.
In some ways it has, we are better off than we've been in a lot of ways, but history isn't just like linear. It's like a stock market. They always say, Oh, it goes up. Then it comes down and goes up, but you're trying to go like this, right. Rather than just like up and then down and go lower, lower, lower. I think that's true for humans too.
You can kind of plot maybe violence and rights and things like this. We go up, we come down, we go up, we come down, I think 20, 20 we've come down now. How far down we go before we can come back up, maybe there's a revolution there. I don't know what's going to happen. Nobody does. Maybe it'll just have to be after an election and people just move on and.
Finally the stimulus checks run out and make people can't pay their bills. I don't know what's gonna happen. I really hope we start going back up soon. Again, there'll be because I have two sons now, two young that I bring into this country, this world, and I don't like what I'm saying, but I want to talk about it today.
Back to this bias confirmation bias belief bias and how it is so dangerous. This bias is why you get something like the Holocaust. This is how propaganda works. You hammer hammer hammer on one side is being bad and your side being right and evil and good. And you've been oppressed and victim culture, which is what we're seeing a lot in 2020.
The Democrats just love to harp on the victim and now identity politics and this and that. This is so dangerous because life isn't black or white. There's no just one victim. You know, one successor try to boil things down into like the color of your skin is even more asinine. I can't even, I just can't even get into it right now.
We're all privileged. We're alive, you know, and like 97% of humanity's debt that just in my opinion, cancels out the entire privilege argument. The world is not equal. It's probably never going to be equal. There's at least never going to be equal outcome, but there can eventually be equal opportunity, which I totally agree on.
But here's the thing. When you get that equal opportunity, you got to wake up and do shit and make shit and you gotta do things or you're not going to get the outcome you want. And what you see a lot of the people that are kicking and screaming and protesting or whatever, they just want things for free.
They want handouts. They want things to be equal just because, and the way confirmation bias, belief bias and these things support. This is because you create a narrative about how you've been oppressed, somebody else's fault. They owe it to you, blah, blah, blah. And all it says is it removes agency from your own responsibility.
So while I was interrupted, I decided to write a little visual cue. The thing about bias. And a lot of instances, not all of these, but a lot of them is tends to lead towards not taking responsibility. I can't think of a more destructive and dangerous idea. And this is the problem I have with all the race stuff, all the BLM stuff with all the current stuff going on 2020, it does this more.
So it creates the vibe. It creates blame and victim hood perpetuates it. And it removes responsibility for the individual. So people think that they can go out and yell and scream and stick their fist in people's face and tell them they should do this and say this and whatever. And it completely shines a light on somebody else rather than themselves.
But this is setting people up for massive failure. And when these people have kids, the next generation is going to be set up for massive failure. And this is how as Lennon said, democracy's integral or a foundation to communism. This is how we're going to be led to a socialist communist insane world.
That is the antithesis to what America was founded on. And all these people have one of those handouts and they wanted things simple. They wanted to believe that they were pressing I'm right. You're wrong. Cetera. They're gonna be begging to have 2020 come back with all its corks and all of its problems give up responsibility, which is the most important thing ever.
Okay. Responsibility, the most important thing ever for the individual. There's nothing more important than responsibility. If you put your trust in anybody else, if you put your future, your children's future, your security, your finances, your health, anything. And I've been talking about this a lot. If you trust anybody else for your life, you're taking a huge gamble.
Most people lock their doors. Most people wouldn't let strangers come into their house and do whatever they want. Yet you want to put your blind trust in people you've never met them because they go on like a screen, like say something for a few minutes or because they hold some elected office and they've committed their life to getting elected.
You think those people care about you? Not only do they not care about you, they primarily care about getting reelected and maintaining their status quo. So they only do and say things that sound good while behind the doors and in bills and all these crappy things I do. They do things that benefit themselves.
And the only way it ever benefits you is if it somehow, usually accidentally helps them first and then helps you as a byproduct. Now I know that's like kind of political and I've taken this a little bit further, but this, this idea is very important. It's important for everyone to understand that your life is your responsibility bias, deludes you to that.
It ignores that reality. And the further you get from accepting responsibility for your life, the further you get. The more fragile you become, the more dangerous your life is. The more precarious your future and situation is, is why responsibility, the most important thing ever. So when you seek out information that only supports what you believe, you're creating a fragile worldview, it's also probably leading you towards victim hood.
It's also probably leading you towards tribalism and racism, even if you don't realize it, or you think you're the most woke person on the planet. The more you highlight things like skin, color and us for STEM and you, you draw that line in the sand. I'm good. They're bad. Whatever. The more you perpetuate divide, the more you increase the very things that, I mean, like a lot of people, I'm not saying you particularly watching this, but a lot of people try to say we should eliminate, which makes it so ironically, paradoxically absurd.
And that's what a lot of it is. A lot of it is people just wanting handouts. They want to feel heard. They want to be angry. They want to be outraged. They don't want change. They don't want solutions. They want to focus on problems because problems allows them to point and blame and shine the spotlight on somebody else so that they can ignore their responsibility, which is the most important thing ever to their life highlight or drop.
That's it. Next one. Hey, Collin. Here got a free before you click on the button below to go to the ancestral and download the seven principles of living wild. This is a short PDF. That's got some of the main principles such as real food sleep movement, and a couple more that are gonna help you live more ancestrally in accordance with your genes.
Please always remember that the members of the ancestral mind podcast are not in fact medical professionals. They're not doctors, they're not nutritionists. They are simply providing the entertainment for you to do your own research. And. To entertain yourselves. So please consult a physician before changing your diet.
Not everything works for everybody and make sure you always do your own research on everything you hear on this show and outside .

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