A Mask Won't Save You or Protect You... It's Just An Illusion

Your best bet at protecting yourself from any invader is your health routine. With 50-100 new coronavirus stranger a year floating around the human ether, you and I already “catch” many of them.

And there’s nothing we can do to prevent that. This is nature.

What you can do is take control of your health. Here’s how:

  1. Get outside for 30 minutes of direct sunlight (at least 30)
  2. Cook 100% of your meals at home using high-quality ingredients
  3. Sleep 8+ hours a night
  4. Spend time with friends and family
  5. Stop watching the news. Do not watch the news. Stop.
  6. Unplug from social media and spend time in nature
  7. Build something, learn something, improve yourself
  8. Be optimistic
  9. Do not be afraid.

This is why so much of our response to this specific virus is not well thought out. Our best bet is to live to the best of our ability, interact with our fellow humans, go outside, catch whatever viruses we catch, and let our immune system do its job of keeping us alive.

There is the case to be made for wanting to catch whatever the recent bug is: because it will keep you stronger to defend future strands that are likely to be progressively worse.

The idea that every year you will stay inside and wear masks and use hand sanitizer under the presumption that it will protect you from contracting viruses is completely false.

This isn’t reality.

Some won’t like to hear this because they liked to feel like they have control, which they do when it comes to their lifestyles but not when it comes to buying an overpriced mask as a slapstick solution.

No, true freedom from fear of foreign invader comes in the real food you prepare at home, the exercise you get, the daily walk in the sun, and the 8 hours of sleep you get (should be getting).

There is a perfect inverse relationship that illustrates this idea:

The more you lack in your healthy habits, the more afraid you will be of viruses. And rightly so.

The healthier your habits, the less you fear, if at all, viruses. (I believe you shouldn’t fear them at all.)

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